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The Dam Kit (#04562-30040), an auto part utilized within Toyota's Body Back Door Panel & Glass system, and other various glass systems, fulfills a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and function of these systems. In operation, the Dam Kit (#04562-30040) provides a barrier that prevents leakage and unwanted airflow, contributing to the comfort and efficiency of the car. Genuine Toyota parts, such as the Dam Kit (#04562-30040), are specifically designed for compatibility with your vehicle and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Like any auto part, a Dam Kit (#04562-30040) can wear over time. If it becomes old, clogged, or broken, it could lead to air leaks, water leaks, or even unwanted noise. This highlights the importance of routine replacement, as a non-functional Dam Kit (#04562-30040) could compromise the efficiency and safety of your vehicle. In conclusion, the Dam Kit (#04562-30040) plays a significant role in maintaining the comfort, efficiency, and safety of multiple systems within your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 04562-01010;04562-14010;04562-20010;04562-30020;04562-20020;04562-30030;56117-20070
Part Number 04562-30040

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